Alaturka.Info portal

Alaturka.Info portal

The Alaturka you can try these out.Info team have put together a comprehensive web portal about Turkey in three languages, English, German and Turkish. Their home page has links on it to all the major regions of Turkey and they cover many different Turkish cities and ancient sites.

Alaturka.Info started their portal as Sun, Sand and Sea, their initial plan was to put into one place “all information about the Turkish Riviera to be published in the internet on an independant homepage” and it grew from there.

According to Alaturka.Info, Sun, Sand and Sea was the first holiday portal in the German language in the area between Alanya and Antalya.” It was “published by a Turkish – German – English Cooperative…familiar with the market along the Turkish Riviera…” Its goal was to “give as much information about the country, the people and their culture…”

Sun, Sand and Sea eventually became Alaturka.Info and a more comprehensive Turkey travel and information portal which now offers service and detailed information to both holiday travellers and new residents. “For the residents, up-to-date news about the region will be available, and visitors to Turkey will get all the important information about daily life, facts and figures and places to visit in Turkey…’Alaturka.Info’ offers a high degree of effective advertising for those who want to sell their products or offer their services in Turkey…”

Their Mediterranean Region page provides information about sightseeing destinations on the Turkish Riviera such as Alanya, Antalya, Kahramanmaras, Kaş, Gazipaşa, Mersin, and Anamur.

They also have a series of Kaş Environment pages which tell about the ancient sites of the region and holiday destinations such as Kaş, Kalkan and Kekova for holiday visiting or living in sunny days and warm Mediterranean waters.

Alaturka.Info also has an interesting Outdoors Section which states “Outdoor in general means all activities outside your home, wheter you like adventurous sports like climbing or just swimming in the sea for relaxation.” Of course, Bougainville Travel is mentioned here as a provider of many adventure activities.

Their team of guest authors also publishes The Alaturka Journal and the Alaturka team have their own Facebook site which says it is a “Community Page about Traveling and Learning About Other Cultures.”

Take a look at Alaturka.Info and accompany them on their “virtual trip to Turkey and experience a country which has been shaped and moulded by some thousand years of history.”

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