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Living the Dream – the brand new Dreams Academy for the disabled in the Turkish Mediterranean


by Emine Buckley

The Dreams Academy is a centre for the disabled and underprivileged, always referred to as students. It is located in a sleepy village behind Kaş at the heart of the Turkish Mediterranean and the good news is that it is now officially up and running.

It is the brainchild of one of Turkey’s most prominent social innovators – Ercan Tutal.
I first met Ercan two summers ago when I was writing an article about his achievements for the Bougainville Travel newsletter. The article contained information about Ercan’s previous projects such as the social inclusion band, other alternative camps around Turkey and the original Dreams Academy in Istanbul.
Ercan started off as a dive instructor in Kaş in 1995 and always liked the laid-back harbour town. And even though his projects took him all over the country and into Europe it was always his hope to come back and make a base here. The camp is the perfect fulfilment of that long-standing hope.

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Abdal Musa Festival
28th of June

Between the 13th and 14th centuries diverse dervish groups and religious orders appeared in Anatolia.
These became the Sufi tradition; a mystical and spiritual philosophy of our connection with the Divine.
Abdal Musa was an early proponent of this Turkish sufism and is much revered by many.

The festival tour includes lunch a trip to the festival grounds and bazaar. The bazaar has foods, crafts and souvenirs. There will be concerts, Semah dances and a shrine visit. Participants return to Kaş late at night after the Semah Ceremony.

For reservations please contact sales@bougainville-turkey.com or call us from 0242 836 37 37



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Photo of the Day

Kaş has several dive spots where you can see ancient pitos and amphorae.

Oreo chosen as one of the top family hotels

If you are planning a trip with children, you will have specific needs.
Our Oreo Hotel featured in The Guardian as one of the top ten family hotels in Turkey.
With it’s simple but comfortable rooms and Bougainville’s adventurous activities, Oreo is proud to offer a great family bonding experience.

Click here for the original article in The Guardian:



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Mountain Biking Tour

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Important Info about Tourist Visas


This information is only applies the nationals of the countries who need a visa to visit Turkey.

There are to be some important changes in the way that Tourist Visas are issued this year. Unfortunately there is some confusion as to exactly when the full changeover will happen. Below we give 1. what was the official position and 2. what seems to be a last minute revision. (Our guess is that either pressure from Foreign Consulates and/or a failure to get the infrastructure completed has led to a last-minute change of heart as to the final date but we cannot find definitive information in Turkish or English).

Please visit the website of Ministry for Foreign Affairs for more information about your country’s visa requirements to visit Turkey.

In any case it is important for tour operators, group organisers and travel agents to start including the instructions for obtaining an e-visa in their pre-tour information documents as this will become the quickest and cheapest (the Govt have promised) way to get a Tourist Visa.

1. Please note that the old “sticker” Entry Visa to Turkey which was issued upon at airports & other border crossings will no longer be available as of 10 April 2014. Instead Turkey is changing to an e-visa (online application system).

There will be e-visa kiosks for online visa application at the airports, but we strongly recommend that clients do this at home before their journey.

In order to apply for an e-visa clients need to log on to Electronic Visa Application. On that site applicants provide the requested information and after the application is approved they pay online and download their e-Visa.

Here is a link to the Press Release on this subject.

For tour operators this statement is of interest.
“- Tour operators will be able to apply for group e-Visas and make lump sum payments for them.”
But we have not yet been given any information as to how this might work.

2. According to a Press Release issued 5th February published on the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in London website…

There is also a later statement which seems to contradict the above information and suggests that the old system will run parallel with the new for 2014.

“However, border authorities will maintain existing procedures for a certain transitional period, to include the 2014 tourism season”

Hayat Güzel

Donna in Kaş

by Donna Dunlop

I recently heard this Turkish phrase, and realized how fitting it is for just about every expat in Kaş. For whatever reasons we’ve chosen to live here, it’s because at one point or another, we all want to say “life is good”. For my husband, Clay and I, such was the obvious case, but who would’ve imagined, we’d be calling this small fishing town our home? Imagine 2 international airline flight attendants working for a US carrier, based in Hong Kong for 17 years, and commuting back and forth from Seattle, Washington. I suppose the next natural step was to move to another country and immerse ourselves in a culture and language completely foreign to us.

Our journey to Kaş started 10 years ago, after we embarked on a semi-failed 30-day cruise from Bangkok to Rome. The cruise was somewhat doomed from the beginning, but in the end it was a blessing in disguise. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) was hitting hard in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia. The US were invading Iraq, causing a slump in the economy, and my airline just announced it was filing for Chapter 11 (bankruptcy protection).