Corporate activities

We can work with you to find the best solution for your particular needs. We can supply activities that last many days or just a few hours according to your requirements. We have experience, as a company, in providing the infrastructure for very large events right down to the catering in remote places.

We have introduced special groups of 120 people to the sport of scuba diving in a single day and have also organised events where the participants get to try mountain-biking, orienteeering, canyoning and sea-kayaking back-to-back on the same day.

As can be seen from the “Capacity” section we have the equipment to organise events for a large number of participants. More important than this, however, is our experience as a team that comes from years of undertaking this type of work. You need disciplined and specialised personnel to organise to organise outdoor activities and we have such a team here at Bougainville Travel.

Our references include:

Meis to Kaş International Swimming and Seakayaking Race. As part of the Kaş Likya Festival 2015, Bougainville Travel finished its 11th consecutive year as organiser for the International Swimming and Sea-Kayaking “Friendship” Race from the Greek Island of Castellorizo (Megisti) to the Harbour of Kaş in Mediterranean Turkey; a distance of 7.1 km.
Team building for Vaillant Group, orienteering, compass skills and seakayaking. In co-operation with DSM (Istanbul) we provided logistics and support for a group comprised of Managers from the Vaillant Group’s Chinese and Ukranian Operations in Mediterranean Turkey.
Land Rover G4 challenge Turkish Team Selection. Driving skills, MTB, seakayaking, orienteering, One week tent accommodation. 15 participants In co-operation with DSM (Istanbul) we created and supervised various tests to determine who should be part of the Turkish Team for Land Rover G4 Challenge.
Large Mountain Bike Group for Belgium’s 02 BIKERS Magazine. 120 Participants. Bougainville Travel supplied full planning, logistics and execution of 4 different routes on 4 successive days for mountain-bikers of varying ability in Kemer, near Antalya.
Seakayaking and diving for Garanti Bank, Turkey. 120 particpiants seakayaking and 100 participants on Discover dives. In co-operation with DSM (Istanbul). There were 700 participants in total in a camp near Fethiye where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean in South West Turkey. All Discover dives were done one-on-one by our own instructors.
Stérimar Brand Launch Diving, coastal clean-up operation by seakayak. 20 journalists took part. In co-operation with DSM (Istanbul). For the Stérimar brand launch in Turkey journalists were invited to take part in events over a two day period in Kaş, Turkey.
Efes Pilsen Promotion Winners. Combination of diving, seakayaking, climbing, MTB. 12 participants. In co-operation with ADRENALIN (Istanbul). For the winners of an Efes Pilsen Promotional Campaign we organised activities over two days.
International Association for Handicapped Divers. Challenge for the Handicapped. Paragliding, diving, basketball, seakayaking. 14 competitors. This was a special event in co-operation with a Centre for the Physically Challenged. BT developed and supervised activities for the physically challenged over a period of two days.
A combination of MTB, running, abseiling, seakayaks, swimming.
two days, 24 competitiors. Bougainville Travel organised a multi-day endurance challenge over a two day period. Activities were run back-to-back and participants had to orienteer/map-read to find next activity start point.


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