Responsible Travel Statement

Here at Bougainville Travel we have been practising sustainable tourism for longer than the term has existed because it’s the only thing we know. It’s important that all of our clients and visitors are aware of our long-term commitments to Responsible Travel.

  • Our activities are all low impact, we don’t have quad-bikes, jet skis or 4wd jeeps- instead you get a paddle, a rope, a sail, a wet suit, a pair of boots or a wing.
  • We live and work where we operate. We employ mostly local people and some of the staff that joined us in our first year our still with us.
  • We buy local produce but that’s no hardship as we have the best fruit and veg in the Med!
  • We actively try to cut down on the amount of waste we produce – recent initiatives include making some parts of our operation “paperless” and offering water bottle top -ups at our hotels to cut down on the amount of plastic bottles are bought.
  • We are working with the WWF and local marine biologists to keep to a minimum our impact on the environment.
  • We welcome suggestions as to how to improve.

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We are member of Türsab (Turkish Travel Agents). Member Nº2784