Meis-Kaş Swimming Competition

Swimming Competition

About The Competition:

A swimming race from the harbour of Castellorizo the closest Greek Island to the Turkish Mainland, to Kaş Harbour in Turkey, a distance of 7.1 km.Castellorizo (aka Castellorizon or Kastelorizo) is known as, in Greek, as Megisti and, in Turkish, as Meis. It is the smallest and most easterly of the Dodecanese Islands situated roughly half-way between the well-known Island of Rhodes and the major Turkish Port of Antalya.The race this year took place on the morning of Sunday 14th June and is part of the Kaş Festival organised by the Kaş Municipality.

Competition Details:

The 2016 swimming race will have a total of (number to be comfirmed) participants of mixed nationalities. All participants must be experienced. Those participants starting from Turkey will be transported across to the Island. The swimming race starts at 08.30 and the winners are expected to arrive at Kaş Harbour around 10.00.There is not a strong current for the swimmers and it is estimated that the water temperature will be around 22C. The race has been completed in times ranging from 1h 38m to 3h 45m in previous years. From a safety point of view any swimmers in the water after this time will be taken into the boats.There will be official safety boats for swimmers equipped with necessary rescue equipment and experienced personnel and drinking water. Swimmers need to bring a bag to transport their clothes.There is some assistance available for those needing accommodation for 2 nights. In the past the local council have provided dinner on the eve of the race and lunch afterwards. Please ask for details if you require a bed.The swimming race will be divided into categories by age and gender. The first three in each swimming category will be presented with medals. The first suitable applicants will be accepted for the race.

Conditions For Participation:

Older than 18 years of age. (This does not apply to those attending with a trainer or guardian). No health problems, before the race participants will have undergone a health check by a Doctor. Participants must be able to swim 1500m in less than 30 minutes. (Any documentation proving this will be a help. If necessary there will also be a practise race). Participants who have previously taken part in a sea marathon type event are preferred. To apply fax or e-mail Mr. Ufuk Güven with your relevant details.

+90 242 836 1605

Applications will include name, surname, sex, mobile phone no. (if applicable) and details of previous experience and a note indicating whether you require accommodation. You can also fill out the form bellow.

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Send us a message. We will keep you posted about the dates and registration process for the next Open Water Race.