Tevfik Serin

Tevfik Serin



Tevfik is the local boy from a respected family. He was born in 1958 in Kaş as the only son of the then Mayor. He was educated in Ankara and graduated in business studies. His charm and local connections make a lot of things very easy for the company but he is best known by his many European friends for his easy manner and sharp sense of humour.

He looks after the Bougainville Travel Diving Boat and School. He’s married with two sons, and speaks Turkish and English.

Email manager: info@bougainville-turkey.com
Phone: +90 242 836 37 37

Bougainville Travel was named # 1 of 25 activities in the Mediterranean Coast, ranked number three of 31 things to do in Kaş, and number 30 of activities in Europe.


“Dive with outfitters with certified dive masters provide a gateway to the reefs, caves, and shipwrecks”. They recommend “Bougainville Travel”


“Outstanding.A very professional and well-run company. All the staff were personable and competent, and did everything they could to make sure we had a great time.”