Likya Winery

Likya Winery wine tasting table

Likya Winery wine tasting table

The Likya Winery is an award winning winery and vineyard located just 6 kilometers outside of Elmalı, Turkey, which is approximately 90 kilometers from Kaş at around 1100 meters high in the Taurus Mountains. The winery staff are extremely hospitable and friendly and set out a selection of bottles for their wine tasting table along with a variety of delicious cheeses.

The founder of Likya Winery is Mr Burak Özkan, chairman of Özkan Şarapçılık. The family has received support and consultancy from Prof. Dr. Hasan Çelik and the French wine producer Francois Gaboriaud, from Bordeaux, is also providing consultancy for the wine production.
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Likya Winery fermenting vats made in Turkey

Likya Winery fermenting vats made in Turkey

Production is carried out in heat-controlled, stainless steel tanks (manufactured in Turkey by the way), and uses a fully-automated, filling and labeling production line, a fully fitted and functional laboratory and a bottle washing system, and is extremely hygienic.

Likya Wines and the Kisibel book, Elmalı, Turkey

Likya Wines and the Kisibel book

The book on the table is titled “Kizilbel: An Archaic Painted Tomb Chamber in Northern Lycia” and is about the excavation, which began in 1969, of Kizilbel, an archaic tomb near the winery. This book is full of photos cataloging its “architecture, the inventory of the tomb chamber, paintings and murals, skeletal fragments, restoration and conservation”.

You may wish to browse this Picasa Photo Album of the Winery Tour to see how those previously have taken advantage of this local opportunity to see an ancient art developing with modern techniques.

Lycian Vinification Vintage Excursion is a Land of Lights article about their Likya Winery visitation.

Ömer Paşa Camii (Mosque), Elmalı, Turkey

Ömer Paşa Camii (Mosque), Elmalı, Turkey

Of particular interest are the library containing a collection of Ottoman writings and the mosque and medrese (prayer school) of Ömer Paşa, (1602), student of the great Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan. There is an earlier, Seljuk period minaret opposite the mosque.

Other Articles about Turkish Wine:

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Wines of Turkey is…based in Turkey representing the Turkish wine sector…Its mission is to develop the wine market and culture of Turkey…

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I spent the past holiday weekend immersed in the new generation of wines from…Turkey…Thanks to a whirlwind programme organised by Dr Yunus Emre Kocabaşoğlu, a pharmacologist at Groningen university who also gives wine courses in his father’s native land, I managed to get out to a couple of leading wine estates on Sunday and Monday and am quite convinced that Turkey will be producing seriously world class wine quite soon.

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…a recent short trip to Turkey which is, believe it or not, rapidly developing a wine culture. The number of Turks who have signed up for wine courses is now comfortably into four figures. Şeyla Ergenekon’s Guide to Turkish Wines, the first such book in English, profiles 35 wineries but there is now a positive rash of new ones funded by Turks…Likya, a promising newcomer at 1,100 m above the holiday destination of Antalya.

Jancis Robinson has been writing about wine since 1975 and is responsible for some of the world’s most respected books on wine. She is the wine correspondent of the Financial Times and the first non-trade Master of Wine.

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A Tour:

Arrangements can be made for small group tours (6 or more minimum) whereby you will experience a tour of the vineyard, then travel the short distance to Elmali for a “historical” tour of the old town and Mosque. (Some light shopping if time permits!) The price includes a lunch at the historic Ottoman era house Kandilzade Sitki Bey Konagi and a short tour of the 400 year old Ömer Paşa Mosque. The group will then return to the winery for a tour of wine making/harvest (in season) and a wine tasting.

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