Kaş Weather

Most of Turkey has a very sunny climate even in winter and the Mediterranean Coast has over 300 sunshine days every year. The farther south and west toward the ocean you go, the climate becomes more classical Mediterranean with dry, hot summers and mild winters where snow is rare or non-existent all along the coast.

Along the north side of the Mediterranean coast you will find the Taurus mountain range accessible within an hour or two making for a very wide variety of climates you can experience.

Averages for Kaş

Average in °C Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Year
Temperature 11 11 13 16 19 23 26 26 24 20 16 12 18

High Temperature 15 16 18 21 25 30 33 33 30 26 21 17 23

Low Temperature 6 6 8 10 13 17 19 19 17 13 10 8 12

Sea Temperature 17 17 17 18 21 24 27 28 27 25 22 19 22

Rain (in cm) 23.5 15.5 9.1 4.3 1.5 0.9 0.5 0.2 1 5.9 10.9 21 94.4

Climate Source: WeatherBase (Years on Record: 29)

Current Sea Temperatures Eastern Mediterranean

The weather around Kaş is simply fantastic most of the year round. With 300+ days of sunshine a year, it is very likely that most of the days you are visiting the Lycian Coast, you will experience warm and sunny days with beautiful sunsets, and a calm, turquoise-colored sea.

Between Kaş and Antalya you can be in the snow in the late morning and return for lunch and a warm swim and sun bathing session in the afternoon.


Summer in Kaş

Summer in Kaş, Turkey on the Mediterranean Coast

Summer on the Mediterranean Coast

Although summer temperatures are rather high, the heat is tempered by the low humidity inland and the sea breezes along the coast. Occasionally the nights may be sticky and humid along the Mediterranean coasts.

July and August are less recommended for land-based strenuous activity as it is usually very hot, often up to 40 Celsius. Canyoning, scuba diving and sea kayaking groups are recommended in these hot summer months.

The best time for swimming is from April through the end of October but sun bathing and some swimming occurs all year.

Winter in Kaş

A foggy day near Kaş, Turkey on the Mediterranean Coast

A foggy day near Kaş, Turkey

Midwinter is the rainy season when there is the possibility of high winds and heavy rains for a day or two. For about two months Kaş residents put up with some amount of rainy and windy weather depending upon the year.

In January, the winds can occasionally be fierce because Kaş is right on the sea where the sea roars and the rain can come “down” horizontally. The weather in Kaş is so nice for so long that when the relatively few rough weather days come, it can be a shock even to year-round residents.

These storms usually go away after one or two days and then the sun comes back out, the skies turn a fantastic blue and locals assemble again at the outdoor cafés for backgammon, conversation, tea or an occasional beer.

Many Turkish resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars close at the end of October until the following April. In Kaş however, there are a number of year-round places and all manner of outdoor activities await your enjoyment even in mid-winter.

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