First Irish Film Festival in Turkey

The first ever Irish Film Festival to take place in Turkey happened in Kaş!

A selection of Irish feature films and shorts were shown in the Kaş Ancient Theatre between 11 – 13 November and many people of all ages attended for free papa smoke”>.

The selection of films reflected the best in Irish cinema over the last few decades and the organisers – an Irish TV producer, Kate Fennell, Kaş Culture House and Kaş Municipality – hope that this gave a Turkish and foreign audience the opportunity to become more acquainted with various aspects of Irish culture and history.

(A photo gallery of the Film Festival can be seen on the BT Picasa Photo Album: )

There is already a shared history between the two countries dating back to the 3rd century BC when the ancestors of the Irish, the Celts, or Gauls as they were also known, settled in the highlands of Central Anatolia for more than five centuries and had Ankyra (Ankara) as their capital. They gave the name Galatia to the region, and, it is believed, were eventually absorbed into the local population.

“I’ve lived in Kaş for nearly a year now” says festival director, Kate Fennell, “and I find that there are many similarities between the Turks and us. I’m not at all surprised to find out that we’ve been here before! It’s exciting to be bringing one’s culture here for locals to experience. I think they’ll enjoy it and I hope it leads to more collaborations in the future.”

Over the three days there were two screenings per day in the atmospheric Ancient Theatre; one at 5pm and one at 8pm. The organisers wisely advised people to bring warm clothes and as Kate says “pray for no rain!” Unfortunately her prayers were answered by the rain gods and not the sun god so the last two nights of screenings were held in both the Kaş Culture House and the Belediye building.

The films shown included the award-winning “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” about Ireland’s struggle for freedom, the contemporary love story “Once” which offers a glance at modern Dublin, “In the Name of the Father” starring Daniel Day Lewis about the Troubles in Northern Ireland, “Poitín,” an Irish language feature film about small-time smugglers on the west coast of Ireland, and a selection of the best Irish short movies over the last ten years. (Poitín, anglicised as Poteen or Potcheen: “Traditionally distilled from malted barley grain or potatoes, it is one of the strongest alcoholic beverages in the world, and for centuries was illegal in Ireland.”)

Irish music was played in various bars and restaurants in Kaş which added to the festive atmosphere.

The films were screened in English with Turkish subtitles except Poitín, which was subtitled in both English and Turkish. The director, Bob Quinn, a renowned film and documentary maker from Ireland, travelled to Kaş for the festival and gave an illuminating talk about the ancient cultural connections he has documented between the maritime cultures of North Africa and Asia and the island of Ireland.

During the festival, local talent was also showcased. Over the past year, a young film club in Kaş called the Apple Tea Filmmakers/Elma Cayi Sinemacilari have been learning how to make short films under the tutelage of local producer Özkan Yilmaz. Their short films, which were shot last year, were shown before the main films during the weekend. You can read more about them on their Facebook page for more information.

For more information call: Kate Fennell – 0 543 867 95 33

11 Nov Kasım Frı/Cuma 2011
Saat/Time 15:00:
Noel Baba Çay Bahçesi
Noel Baba Tea Garden

Saat/Time 17:00:
Antik Tiyatro: Poitin (1978)(Ev Yapımı Kaçak İçki)
Yönetmen Bob Quinn ile söyleşi
Antique Theatre: Poitin (1978) Director Bob Quinn
Bob Quinn will introduce the film and be available after for a Q&A session.

Saat/Time 20:00:
Antik Tiyatro: Babam İçin
Antique Theatre: In the Name of the Father
There will be short talk about the film beforehand.

Film sonrası resepsiyon Yer: Kaş Kültür Evi
Please join us for a reception after the film in the Kaş Culture House
Drinks and dancing afterwards in Echo Bar.

12 Nov/Kasım Sat/Cumartesi 2011
Saat/Time 14:00:
The Atlantean Vision Yer: Kaş Kültür Evi
Yönetmen Bob Quinn ile söyleşi
Kaş Culture House: The Atlantean Vision
A stimulating talk by the director Bob Quinn

Saat/Time 17:00:
İrlanda kısa filmleri
Irish Short Films

Saat/Time 20:00
Özgürlük Rüzgarı
The Wind that Shakes the Barley

13 Nov/Kasım Sunday/Pazar 2011
Saat/Time 14:00:
Kaş Kültür Evi: Atölye çalışması Yer
Kaş Culture House: Film workshop – Rory Bresnihan and Hugh O’Connor

Saat/Time 17:00:
The Commitments
The Commitments

Saat/Time 20:00:
Bir Zamanlar
The director/writer John Carney introduced the film and was available for a question and answer session afterwards.

Festival kapanış eğlencesi/Closing party: Echo Bar

*Elma Çayı Sinemacıları’nın kısa filmleri de festivalimizde yer alacaktır
*A selection of films were preceded by a short film from The Apple Tea Filmmakers

Festival Director: Kate Fennell
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Assistant Co-ordinator: Haluk Elbeyli
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