Abdal Musa Festival 2010

Abdal Musa Alevi festival Tekkekoy

Abdal Musa Alevi festival Tekkekoy

Every June, in the village of Tekke near Elmalı, there is a commemoration and celebration in honor of Abdal Musa. The celebration in 2010 was from 24 through 27 June. Elmalı and Tekke village are located in the mountain region approximately 80 kilometers above Kaş.

Abdal Musa Alevi festival ceremony

Abdal Musa Alevi Ceremony, Tekke village, Turkey

The most important aspect of Abdal Musa was the restructuring of knowledge and the prayer rituals of the Anatolian Alevi.

Abdal Musa Alevi tomb

Abdal Musa Tomb and Shrine, Tekke village, Turkey

Abdal Musa, was a 13th century Alevi clergy originally from Persia or modern day Iran…He was a student of Hacı Bektaş Veli. There is a legend that during the time of Abdal Musa, from all over India, and Persia, huge caravans of camels and horses went to Anatolia. The descendants of these “Abdal” are scattered everywhere in Turkey.

A famous Turkish photographer İlker Gürer photographed part of an Alevi Dance Ceremony. The Alevi “are a religious, sub-ethnic and cultural community, primarily in Turkey, numbering in the tens of millions. Alevis are classified as a branch of Shi’a Islam, though there are substantive variances from certain orthodox Shi’a beliefs, traditions, and rituals.”

Hacı Bektaş Veli was an Islamic mystic, humanist and philosopher from Persia who lived approximately from 1209-1271 in Anatolia or modern day Turkey. The name attributed to him can be translated as “The Pilgrim Saint Bektash.” The Bektashi Sufi order is named for him and he is considered as one of the principal teachers of Alevism. He is also a renowned figure in the history and culture of the Ottoman Empire and modern day Turkey.

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