Kas4Kids Busy Bees – ‘Shoes4Kids’ Project 2013

Kas4Kids Busy Bees – ‘Shoes4Kids’ Project 2013

What is Kas4Kids?

Not much time left!

Kas4Kids Busy Bees is a registered charity (as of 1 March 2013)that works together to hold social and sales events, and other money generating activities, in order to help and assist in promoting the health and general well-being of children in need, under the age of 18, who live in Kaş, Turkey and its surrounding villages.

What is the ‘Shoes4Kids’ Project 2013?

Kas4Kids wants to raise money to buy at least 1,000 pairs of ‘Shoes4Kids’ returning to school in September this year who would otherwise not be able to afford them. To buy 1,000 pairs of shoes will cost 20,000TL and we are asking for your help to raise these funds.

We have less than two months until 15 September 2013 to raise this money.

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The Background

Last September we were asked if we could help provide shoes for children returning to school whose families would not otherwise be able to afford them or would have had to make do with ill-fitting shoes for winter. We were excited to help and raised enough money to buy 200 pairs of ‘Shoes4Kids’ spread throughout 40 local primary & secondary schools. This was five pairs of shoes for each school and I’m afraid only barely scratched the surface of those children who needed new shoes.

This year, Kas4Kids wants to buy even more shoes for needy school children in Kaş.

How You Can Help the Kids of Kaş

By donating money to our ‘Shoes4Kids’ project you will help us buy shoes that will again go to the most needy children at schools around the region as selected by the head masters of each school in conjunction with the Ministry of Education.

You can donate in one of two ways. You can make do nations directly to Kas4Kids using EFT [Electronic Fund Transfer] info can be found on our website at www.kas4kids.org. Or you can contact one of our Kas4Kids committee members who are all authorised to take cash or bank draft donations on behalf of the charity. If you are kind enough to make a donation please let us know by email also.

Please call Dr. Munise Özan 0242 836 4141, Louise Johnstone 05360708862, or Barbara Smith 05380639860. Or email us, theteam@kas4kids.org


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